With more than 50 years of combined experience in the healthcare industry, and 15 years in the pharmaceutical field Sigmoid Pharma Limited gains the leads in delivering various services aimed to enhance the medication distribution and impact the affordability of drugs.

The company headquarter is located in Dublin, Ireland. From there, dedicated experts work on identifying and creating brand-new approaches and therapies for unmet clinical needs, in particular, gastrointestinal and immunological diseases, ailments, and disorders. Sigmoid promotes the application of SmPill oral drug delivery technology. And, it has a goal to conduct pharmacological expertise to accredited medicines along with new chemical and biological entities.

A company is headed by Dr.Ivan Coulter and supported by various professionals in management, research, quality, safety, and clinical operations. All the team members have a specialized background and educational degree in healthcare institutions. Moreover, the members attended multiple training aimed to improve the pharmacists’ awareness of medications. And, with the help of obtained knowledge, they share well-proven strategies to enhance the treatment of gastro and immune disorders.

If referring to the services themselves, Sigmoid has an advanced pipeline of products for the treatments of various disorders but the top results are seen in applying CyCol medicine. It perfectly works with severe ulcerative colitis. And, as of now, the main target is to investigate Phase 3 clinical trial in North American and European countries.

In fact, it can also address the next challenges:

  • Low aqueous remedy solubility;
  • Low drug absorption or its further permeability;
  • Unfavorable systemic pharmacokinetics;
  • Consequent challenges of labile molecules, including vaccines and peptides.

Besides, there are a few best working drug delivery technologies that, in turn, address single formulation issues. They may encompass controlled release, safety, and stability. At the same time, other medication may benefit a few of those issues simultaneously. SmPill is a designated system with many integrated formulation approaches combined into one technology.

Sigmoid cooperates with lots of medical centers of excellence along with international pharmaceutical and biotechnology institutions and then generates its advanced collaborative ways to research the innovations that can enhance the people’s well-being.