About Us

Sigmoid Pharma headquarters is located at the Invent Centre advanced technologies incubator on the campus of Dublin City University, Ireland. Another facility for clients’ convenience can be found in the Srah IDA business park in Tullamore, Ireland.

The main target is to promote a designated pharmaceutical formulation technology SmPill that deals with such issues as gastrointestinal and immunological disorders. Besides, there are many other innovations, strategies, and products that may enhance related therapeutics. The latest formula of CyCol is the lead product of Sigmoid to moderate ulcerative colitis in patients. Also, it is proven to be safe and well-tolerated over the four weeks of usage, and four weeks follow up periods.

As far as the methods of treatment of ulcerative colitis in most cases requires much money due to the presence of two leading medications on the market, we provide a clear opportunity to access orally administered, safe, and affordable analog. For any inquiries related to its application and distribution, please feel free to browse the website or contact a team directly.

Sigmoid Pharma is a privately financed company that is headed by Dr. Ivan Coulter and supported by professionals in the healthcare field.