Sigmoid pharma is an advanced company and leader in the development of gastrointestinal and immunological therapeutics. Since establishing the services in the healthcare market, it enhanced and developed plenty of products and concepts that aimed to treat various disorders.

However, the main target is to promote CyCol, a remedy that proves the top results in treating patients with ulcerative colitis. Belonging to the immunosuppressive category of drugs, cyclosporine is a much safer formula. And, if forecasting the popular demand, it will achieve global annual peak sales over $0.5 billion.

Along with that, Sigmoid had an intention to initiate Phase 3 Trials in North America and Europe. The related goal was publicly announced and discussed with the US Food and Drug Administration together with a few European National Agencies involved in the healthcare activities. Thus, CyCol is believed to be developed for the induction and maintenance of remission. Accordingly, it will deal with resolving and future preventing of inflammation in patients who struggle with ulcerative colitis.

As of now, there are more than 1.4 million patients with such a disease in the U.S, Japan, the UK, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy. 40% of those patients have an active phase that ranges from severe to moderate condition. To treat it, only two drugs presented on the market gain the leads, Remicade and Humira, that are both TNF monoclonal antibodies that are fully approved.

However, they have high costs, and their injected therapies are not efficient in all the patients. Or, they may evoke various side effects. To change the situation for better, Sigmoid developed a designated formula with fewer costs, CyCol. It includes two Phase 1 clinical trial of the pharmacokinetics of CyCol and a Phase 2 clinical trial of Cycol in more than 100 mild to help patients mainly in the UK and Ireland. After conducting a few testing, it proved to be safe, affordable, and well-tolerated during the four weeks treatments and four weeks follow up periods.

Name Description Indication Status
CyCol Colon-directed cyclosporine Ulcerative colitis Phase 2a complete

Advancing to Phase 3

CyCron Small & large intestine-directed cyclosporine Crohns Disease (affects ~1.2 million people and ~$2B drug sales in 7MM) Phase 1 pharmacokinetic study complete
AlloCol Immediate & controlled release cyclosporine combination Graft versus Host Disease treatment & prevention (~30,000 allogenic transplants per year, GvHD affects 70% of these patients) Orphan Designated by FDA

Phase 1 pharmacokinetic study complete

CyLow Immediate release cyclosporine Transplant rejection prevention, psoriasis, etc. (Neoral sales >$900million in 2011 despite generic competition) Phase 1 pharmacokinetic study complete
Oral vaccines SmPill formulations of various antigens Multiple, including travellers diarrhoea & Helicobacter Pylori Preclinical studies
Oral peptides SmPill formulations of various peptides Multiple, lead tbd Preclinical studies with salmon calcitonin as model concept to test hypothesis
Various SmPill formulations Multiple including colon cancer, diarrhoea, coeliac disease & inflammatory bowel disease Sigmoid has successfully formulated molecules such as COXII inhibitors, steroids, farnesyl X receptor agonists, hydroxylase inhibitors and others
Various SmPill-enabled combination products Multiple, including innovative gastrointestinal product and immunomodulator prototypes Sigmoid has uniquely formulated a number of water-soluble and water-insoluble formulations